The Problem of Funding

There are many difficulties when finishing Undergraduate studying and entering Postgraduate study, these vary in importance in the sense of how they are categorised.

Some difficulties are worrying about the change in academic work load, friends and you going separate ways, where you are going to live, worrying about if you have picked the right course for you, and the most daunting at least for me, how am I going to fund my studies, what if I can’t get a job, how can I make the Maths add up.

Not only do you need money for the course itself, you need money for books/equipment, accommodation, food and of course some for leisure activities. But how can you find enough money for all these areas, the government Postgraduate loan will cover some but don’t be under the illusion that it will cover it all, it can cover the course cost and a little towards accommodation but that is all. In order to cover the rest, you need to find other sources. Your University may be better than mine in the help they offer Postgraduates in the way of grants and scholarships, but if your University is like mine you will realise quite quickly that you are more or less on your own. Sucks I know, but don’t worry there are a number of other ways you can go about getting the money needed. My advice and also what I’m doing is a number of these things, as it is easier to get a little off lots of people than a lot of a small number.

Before I go any further there will be people that will just tell you to get a job and study, there are a number of reasons why this may not work, not enough jobs around the area, lack of experience (would recommend doing some volunteering while at University), you may have one but it does not pay enough. Some people may tell you to take time away from education to raise the funds needed and although this is a great idea it is also not always the best for everyone, I for one am not able to go back to my Dad’s and take time away due to mental health reasons. I am healthier while away at University learning and getting support to work through mental health difficulties.

So what are the alternative ways of funding that I would recommend: please note these can all be done online and thus should be easy for anyone.

Applying to Charities, many charities offer grants and scholarships for students, there are a number of different criteria that they look for in candidates. Some are looking to support different subject areas, criteria is a little more random, there is one group that helps vegetarians. The search can be frustrating but it is really rewarding when you come across ones that you can apply to. You can also look for companies as some also offer grants and scholarships.

Crowdfunding, now this one is similar in a way because you are asking for money from people their charity really. This is a good idea if you want to try and reach lots of people in a short amount of time. The main downside to this way is that you may get criticised for using this method.

Another method is loans from the bank, this is a method I am trying to avoid doing. As the repay can start when you are not earning much if anything and the interest can be high.

So what I’m trying to do to get all the funding is to, find a more regular job, apply to any Scholarships I can find and do Crowdfunding.

Funding Postgraduate study is an ongoing challenge, to be embarked on only if you are sure you are doing the right course for the right reasons.


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